As you create plans for your new playground, one of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing a safety surface. No matter the design, theme, or feel of your playground – there is a surfacing option for your project. You should have two goals in mind when designing a playground: to let kids have fun and to keep them as safe as possible.

Poured in Place Surfacing, also known as PIP, is one of the best attenuating surfaces for accessibility and longevity. It features two layers, with the bottom layer being clean, recycled rubber and the top layer being bonded rubber granules that provide a ½” thick wear layer. The top layer is available in a wide range of colors that can be mixed, matched, and designed into graphic elements, shapes, and themes.

Activities Become Accessible 

At Midstates Recreation, we strive to provide inclusive environments. Poured in Place Surfacing will make the playground more accessible to those that use mobility devices. Loose fill surfacing materials such as wood fiber, pea gravel, and sand make a playground nearly impossible to access for children with mobility devices. If accessibility is a concern but you are constrained by budget, consider adding accessible PIP pathways throughout your loose fill areas.

Long Term Budget-Friendly & Reliable

Budget is always a concern when we work on a playground project. While the initial cost may be higher, poured in place surfacing is low maintenance, so money is saved over time by picking this reliable unitary rubber option. With the ability to keep this surface clean, and the average longevity of the product, you will find its benefits outweigh the cost. You can be sure that this surface will last throughout the wear and tear of typical playground use. After all, when thinking about safety concerns, reliability is a must.

Poured in Place Surfacing Projects

This surfacing option must be installed over asphalt, concrete, or compacted stone by a trained professional. While choosing your playground surfacing, remember, you don’t have to choose just one. A few benefits of combining surfacing materials in a single play environment include:

  1. Separates play areas
  2. Adds visual appeal to your playground environment
  3. Provides different sensory experiences

As you create plans for your new playground, one of the important decisions you need to make is the choice of surface. No matter the design, theme, or feel of your playground – there is a surfacing option that is perfect for your project.

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