Soliciting funding for new playground equipment may sound intimidating. We’re here to help. Fundraising requires you to be actively diligent and creative, but will be a fun and rewarding adventure! Read on as we provide ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Personal Outreach for Donations:

When discussing the playground funding with potential donors, be personal and sincere with them. Don’t use fancy terms and long-winded requests. Being clear in your goals will help people trust you and show that you have nothing to hide. Share where their money will be going and express the objectives of your fundraising in a concise way. Follow these additional guidelines as well:

Children playing on midstates recreation inclusive playground equipment

  • Make every potential funder feel unique and special.
  • Understand how they want to make a difference in their community.
  • Ask for a specific amount for a specific purpose that reflects the donor’s intentions.
  • When wording your donation request, never use “I.” Always use a bigger group as the recipient, such as “students,” “children,” “community,” etc.
  • Follow up with potential donors and remind them of the importance of the playground funding.
  • Give recognition to the people who have contributed. Keep donors engaged by saying thank you and updating them on the progress of the fundraiser.
  • Think of ways to personalize your gratitude for donors, like having the students create thank you cards for them!
  • Consider making your own donation before asking anyone else for a donation.

Special Events: 

Another way to solicit funding for new playground equipment is to host a special event. Holding special events provides an opportunity to interact with community members and build relationships that can lead to donations! Below are a few special event ideas:

  • inclusive commercial playground equipment Bake Sale
  • Talent Show
  • Concert
  • Carnival or Fun Fair
  • Fun Run
  • Auction

Apply for Grants: 

A grant is an amount of money given by the government, foundations, or corporations to groups that go through an application process. Check out these tips for writing grants for playground equipment:

  • Head over to, sign up for the free trial, and search for organizations that focus on grants for school playgrounds, grants for church playgrounds, grants for community playgrounds. You can also search for organizations that provide funding for projects that promote education, physical activity, health and wellness, inclusivity, and community development.
  • Another great grant resource is Grant Professionals Association. When utilizing GPA, you have the option to work directly with a grant writer/consultant. Find someone who meets your organization’s needs by including criteria like Category and Location in your search.
  • Tailor your application to the organization you are applying to for funding. Be sure that you are not sending the same standard responses to every organization. Of course, all your applications will have the same project strengths, goals, and timeline for completion, but add points that connect your mission to the mission of the organization.

Financing Options For Playground Funding:

Still have a balance to raise? The Midstates Recreation Finance Program, powered by Navitas Credit Corp., can help you get the playground equipment you need while preserving your cash flow. We give you the ability to acquire our playground equipment through affordable monthly payment plans that can be customized to meet almost any budget.

When you can work hand in hand with friends, families, and your community, building this playground will become manageable and enjoyable!

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