Play structures and play equipment bring children of all ages together. They are an integral part of each community. As fun and inclusive as they are, they need some maintenance to stay in good shape. That’s true of any kind of equipment that gets used by many people, such as a basketball hoop or a slide. Keep reading as we share four ways to keep your playground in great shape:

1. Regularly inspect the playground for loose or broken parts.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your playground safe is to regularly inspect it for loose or broken equipment. Look for loose bolts, screws, or other hardware. Check for cracks in the equipment, missing or broken parts, and the hardware connections of mechanisms with movement.

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2. Check your playground’s surfacing.

As you inspect your playground, be sure to take note of the condition of your surfacing. Do you notice any wear and tear starting to show? Are your sidewalks and pathways still level and clear of uneven cracks and debris? Does your loose fill surfacing, such as wood fiber or rubber mulch, need raked or replenished? Pay close attention to high use areas such as under and around swings, spinners, and slide exits.

3. Routinely clean the playground area to remove any debris or foreign objects that may be harmful.

This can include trash, stones, glass and other sharp objects that have been dropped on the ground by adults or children. Make sure you check around the entire playground, including under equipment and in play areas for harmful materials. Be aware of hazardous materials such as broken glass or nails while sweeping up litter from the surrounding area.

4. Check that the playground area is free from drainage problems.

Drainage problems can look like pooling water in low spots of the surfacing (see point 2) or around the perimeter of a play area. Proper drainage is crucial to ensuring that your safety surfacing maintains its safety value.

The key to proper playground maintenance is vigilance! The best way to keep your community safe is to make sure the equipment is always in good working order, properly maintained and thoroughly inspected throughout use. Following the steps shared will help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable playground experience!

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