4 Factors for Consideration When Planning Your Park

1.What Does Your Park Look Like?

Designing a park includes many various components. When choosing the integral parts of your park, you will need to consider your visual goals, children’s varying abilities, the comfort of supervisors, and the area you are trying to fill. Regardless of the size of your area, your design and choices will impact the users of the park. With so many choices, it is important to design your park based on your goals and the needs of those using it.

2. What Are Your Park Goals?

Designing a park can be overwhelming. The first step to creating the perfect recreational play area is deciding what your top goals are. Some factors you need to consider are as follows: What is the desired level of inclusivity? Will your play space be a traditional post and platform structure

, unstructured freestanding play, nature play, rope play, or a combination of these elements? Is it going to be an area where its users can improve their upper body strength, endurance, or balance? Would you like to include sensory play such as outdoor musical equipment? Is multigenerational play a concern? Will adults will join in on the play activities or is the space designed more for their comfort when observing? These are some of the necessary goals to consider before designing your park.

3. Who Are The Users of Your Park?

Many times ensuring that children of all abilities are able to access and play will be crucial. Inclusion matters and there are many inclusive play options available when designing your park.

It is also important to consider equipment that will encourage multigenerational play. Play areas should be designed so that it meets the physical and developmental needs of ages 2-5, 5-12, or 2-12. You can also include aspects where adults or supervisors are able to interact as well as options for shady, comfortable areas with benches.

4. What Are Your Visual Goals?

This is the fun part! How will your park reach users visually? Will your park be functional, elegant, eco-friendly, or all of the above? Will your safety surfacing contribute to the visual aesthetic? Some options to consider are benches, planters, umbrellas, tables, shade structures, and so much more.

Shade shelters can keep users cool on a hot, sunny day. They will also protect you from harmful UV rays. You will decide whether you prefer bright colorful equipment or a more natural array of equipment that blends in with natural backdrops. The visual distinction will set your park apart from the rest!

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