The Top 10 Most Innovative and Exciting Playground Products in 2021-2022

Turn your play space into a destination!

When planning and designing a new playground for your community, you want the investment to be worth the return. That return, of course, is for people to be excited about coming to your park.

The value you provide is quality time spent with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors and reaping the benefits of playtime- mainly stress relief, physical activity, a creative outlet, and hands-on learning.

Innovation in Playground Equipment is the Answer!

Sure, you can order a slide, a set of monkey bars and a couple swings and call it a day. There are a lot of parks out there that offer those amenities.

However, today’s children and families need a reason to choose your play space over others and by choosing innovative playground equipment, your new playground will be the talk to the town and will have them all planning a visit.

the most innovative thing you can do?

Make your playground space Inclusive!

Creating a space that accommodates a wide range of abilities gives all members of your community an opportunity for people of all ages and capabilities the chance to enjoy the same environment together.

Inclusive play equipment is always improving and showing us new ways to design a space that understands and addresses everyone’s needs. At Midstates Recreation, we recognize the need and offer a vast catalog of equipment and the knowledge and experience to guide you from idea to completion of your project.

Midstates Recreation is the Partner You Need for Your Playground Project

From concept to completion, Midstates Recreation will provide design, safety and access consultation as well as all drawings, renderings, specifications, material lists and technical data that you require during the design phase of your project.

We would love to partner with you to create the safe and innovative destination play space that you want to achieve!