Outdoor playgrounds are wonderful for children, giving them an opportunity to move, imagine, and socialize. But what about teenagers and adults?

More and more cities are incorporating outdoor fitness centers targeted at teens and adults. Outdoor fitness spaces can include a variety of options for health and wellness activities, including spaces for various sports (e.g., basketball courts, tennis courts), running/walking paths, or exercise equipment like TrekFit’s climbing walls, fitness circuits, and trampolines.

These outdoor fitness centers provide an accessible and inclusive space for exercise surrounded by natural beauty. The wide selection of equipment means that teens and adults will find an activity they enjoy and work toward meeting their physical activity goals. The CDC notes that most adults do not meet the recommended physical activity levels, so incorporating outdoor fitness equipment can lead to myriad health benefits for community members who use it, including improved heart health, bone health, and coordination.

Beyond the health benefits of providing space for exercise, communities with outdoor fitness centers also experience greater social connectedness. One study found that older adults, in particular, experienced benefits from both physical activity and social engagement in outdoor gyms. Creating opportunities for social connection is an invaluable contribution to any community!

Finally, outdoor fitness centers allow people to experience the benefits of being in the natural world. The U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that being outdoors can alleviate stress, improve mood, reduce depression and anxiety, and strengthen our ability to focus. Furthermore, people are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if it is outside.

For all of these reasons, we are excited about our newest partnership with TrekFit, a leader in aesthetically pleasing outdoor fitness equipment. We would be delighted to help you design the perfect fitness space for your park or school so that your community can reap the physical, mental, and social benefits of outdoor fitness!

Midstates Recreation designs, supplies, and builds community-enhancing recreational play and site structures. Midstates Recreation offers a variety of playground equipment in communities located in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan. Our emphasis is not only to create play and recreation spaces for all but to also provide a truly valuable and inclusive addition to your community! Contact your local sales representative to learn more.

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