Are you interested in designing a new playground that is loved by both kids and dogs? Safety must be top-of-mind when creating a recreation space! Keep reading for a few design tips to keep in mind.

Create a playground that is safe by ensuring your space is free of hazardous objects, such as sharp rocks, broken glass, or trash. The ground should also be even and free of any holes or dips that could cause tripping or falling. Surfacing not only elevates your playground, but it also helps to reduce accidents and increase ease of use. You can also reduce litter by adding trash cans and restrooms.

There should also be plenty of shade and water available. You can install drinking fountains that can support both people and dogs and shade structures to provide shelter from the sun.

Building a walking path where families and leashed dogs can walk together is an ideal way to create opportunities for community connection. Providing benches and shady spaces will allow people to gather with their pets, relax, and talk. This path can also serve as a place where parents or caregivers can monitor kids on the playground.

Designing a public recreation space that is safe and fun for both children and dogs requires careful planning and consideration. By ensuring that the space is accessible to all, you can build a destination that encourages socialization and fosters a sense of community.

Playgrounds are full of opportunities for fun and exercise for kids of all ages! Midstates Recreation designs, supplies, and builds community-enhancing recreational play and site structures. Midstates Recreation offers a variety of playground equipment in communities located in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Our emphasis is not only to create play and recreation spaces for all but to also provide a truly valuable and inclusive addition to your community! Contact your local sales representative to learn more.

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